Minutes of the 9th North Sea Hydrographic Commission Resurvey Working Group (RWG) Geodatastyrelsen, Aalborg, Denmark. 24th-25th September 2019

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Welcome and Opening Formalities Welcome from Chair and introductions Introduction of all attendants. Chair thanked DK for hosting. Attendees BE: Johan Verstraeten DE: Bernd Vahernkamp DK: Lars Hansen NL: John Loog SE: Ulf Olsson UK: Phil Payne (Chair), Hannah Doddrell … read more

North Sea Bathymetric Database

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latest Update: to realise a basic full coverage for the North Sea, the gaps in the model were filled with gridded information from the MS, provided for European Networks. Future releases will replace this parts with latest high-resolution bathymetric information. … read more

Flight through the German Bight – bathymetry

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This movie was made for open house presentation of the German HO [BSH]. It demonstrates the progress from surveying for paper-seacharts to 3D-modelling for multiple purposes, based on the 50m-grid of the German EEZ.