Dover Strait Survey Strategy Agreement

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Annex B to report to NSHC32 of the Resurvey Working Group

“The future of the Dover Strait Survey Strategy Agreement”


In its meeting in Amsterdam in 2014, NSHC released Conclusion 111:

The Dover Strait Survey Strategy WG (DSSS WG) consists of the Member States Belgium,

France, Netherlands and UK, based on a signed agreement. The NSHC Re-survey WG has a

broader composition, including all the DSS WG members.

Considering that the subject of marine sand dunes and re-surveys deals with scientific

aspects of interest for both the WGs, the Commission recognized the advantage of merging

the two WGs and made the following decision:

The Commission recommends a merging of the Dover Strait Survey Strategy WG and the Resurvey WG and task NL to lead the process.


In a letter of 15 July 2015 to BE, FR and UK, NL concluded that all are in favour of merging the BE/FR/NL/UK DSSSWG with the NSHC RWG, and that at least three of us wish to pursue a new Dover Strait Survey Strategy Agreement (FR has not expressed its opinion), to be managed by the NSHC RWG. A map of the situation is given in the Figure.


As a consequence of this input and as tasked by NSHC, NL disbanded the DSSSWG, and expressed its sincere appreciation for the work that this group has done over the years. In its role as NSHC chair, NL tasked the NSHC RWG to suggest updates to the Agreement, building upon the work that has been done by FR since the DSSSWG meeting in January 2011. RWG-5 discussed the matter, and concluded that FR would submit a new version of the national Technical Hydrographic Instructions that accompany the Agreement, and UK would submit a first version. BE and NL are satisfied with their Technical Hydrographic Instructions currently in place.


The views held by the four signatories are given in the Table, originally published in the NSHC Letter of 15 July 2015. They constituted the basis for discussion during RWG-5. UKHO and MCA indicated that they required further discussions on a national level. Subsequently, UKHO’s views changed. The Table in this Annex represents the current UKHO view.


The current Agreement is given as Appendix A. FR made a proposal for a new text in letter N° 046 SHOM/DMI/PL/NP of 5 July 2012. A proposal for a further update by the chair of the RWG, based on the inputs given in the Table, is given in Appendix B. The proposal aims to be the starting point for further discussion.


The Resurvey Working Group requests NSHC32:

  1. to either confirm that it wishes RWG to continue to update the Agreement, or withdraw the Agreement;
  2. to approve the suggested changes to the text of the Agreement;

3. to formulate additonal input on the future text of the Agreement.

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