Technical Hydrographic Instructions

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One of the outstanding actions from the 6th meeting was to deliver updates to the Technical Hydrographic Instructions.  It was noted that the FR instructions hadn’t been provided which Vincent did recently.  Phil attached those from Vincent for FR and his own for UK. All MS are invited to provide their own instructions.

Download “Pas_de_Calais-THI-FR-v20150217_en.pdf” Pas_de_Calais-THI-FR-v20150217_en.pdf – Downloaded 261 times – 1 MB

Download “Pas_de_Calais-THI-FR-v20150217_en-Appendix_III.pdf” Pas_de_Calais-THI-FR-v20150217_en-Appendix_III.pdf – Downloaded 268 times – 1 MB

Download “CHP_Survey_Specification_v2016_02P.pdf” CHP_Survey_Specification_v2016_02P.pdf – Downloaded 292 times – 925 KB


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