resurvey intervals 2019

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update 2019

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  • UKHO provided a small discussion piece with Action 10 on what has been considered when producing the re-survey scheme –
    • UK Routine resurvey areas have been identified over time from a range of sources, including the capitol survey programme, port authority surveys and anecdotal evidence from pilots etc. New areas have been suggested to the UK Civil Hydrography Working Group and it’s predecessors (made up or hydrographic experts and navigators from government, ports and industry), who then agree survey extents and resurvey interval. UKHO carry out analysis after each survey conducted, and make recommendations to the WG in terms of adjustments to extents and interval. Currently, the re-survey element of the UK Civil Hydrographic Programme constitutes around 20% of the £5.4 million typical annual budget. The remainder is allocated to the capital programme, where there are typically much longer intervals between surveys (sometimes hundreds of years). Looking toward the future, the UKHO and MCA intend to run a project to take a fresh view of the UK’s routine re-survey requirements, by developing GIS layers such as sediment mobility, which can then be combined and weighted with other factors such as depth, vessel draft, traffic density etc to develop a more objective and repeatable process for prioritisation and deciding on the survey intervals required. Suggestions from MS would be most welcomed on this issue.


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