Minutes of the Interim 9th – 10th North Sea Hydrographic Commission Resurvey Working Group (RWG)Skype Meeting. 21st January 2020

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  • BE: Johan Verstraeten
  • DE: Bernd Vahernkamp
  • DK: Lars Hansen, Jesper Vedel
  • NL: John Loog
  • SE: Ulf Olsson
  • UK: Phil Payne (Chair), Hannah Doddrell (Secretary), David Parker (UKHO), Andrew Colenutt (MCA – Observer)


  • Apologies: FR: Vincent Lamarre, Mikael Le Gleau



Welcome and Opening Formalities

Welcome from Chair and introductions

  • Chair welcomed attendees and thanks them for attending
  • Outlines that the aim of this interim meeting is to review actions from the 9th RWG held in September 2019 and to obtain their status ahead of the NSHC meeting that is due to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland in March
  • The status of the RWG will feed into the Chairs report of the NSHC
  • The meeting will also aim to determine whether any outstanding actions can be completed ahead of the NHSC


Updates since the 9th Meeting & Review of Actions

  • All decisions and actions from the 9th RWG were reviewed and commented upon – this can be found in Annex A to these minutes


  • When reviewing Action 13-9th RWG a discussion was had over why contact details were required
    • The drive was to allow the UK to consider whole areas in their impact assessments and therefore they required the correct contact details
    • DK and NL stated that it was a complex situation for them
    • The Chair therefore stated that MS could liaise directly with the RWG representatives to find out who best to speak to as required


  • Action 14-9th RWG focused on the RWG CSB Paper (To investigate how CSB can be used to support / resurvey activity in the North Sea region’).
    • This has been forwarded to all MS for review by end of January 2020
    • UK raised whether there was a definitive conclusion to provide the NSHC – Chair to review


  • All actions arising from the interim meeting can be found in Annex B to these minutes


C55 Methodology

  • Since the 9th RWG the Chair has found an outstanding action in the Chairs report with regards to C55. Invited MS to share their methodologies:
    • BE: works off – has it been adequately surveyed? This is based on survey quality (equipment, coverage etc.) rather than quality of charting
    • DE: no information at this point
    • DK: adequately surveyed is based on depth, age of survey and vessel traffic. In the Baltic re-survey has been linked to C55 and they are updated at similar times
    • FR: use CATZOC only
    • NL: based on their current survey scheme
    • SE: use more detailed CATZOC
    • UK: use CATZOC and S44 orders but are moving towards CATZOC only
  • After meeting note – Chair will provide details to the C55 Review Group



  • Minutes from last meeting need to go on front page not just internal – action for DE
  • DE will email the RWG when documents are online
  • The UK will be represented at the NSHC by the National Hydrographer and other staff from UK Hydrographic Office – not the RWG member or chair
  • BE will be providing secretary duties at the NSHC so inform them in there are points that require raising at the NSHC on behalf of the RWG
  • Next Meeting – to be held face to face with the addition of an interim meeting each year via Skype to keep on top of actions. NL to provide details shortly.
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