Chair: Marc van der DONCK (Netherlands)
Vice-Chair: Declan BLACK (Ireland)
Members: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK.
IHB Representative: Director Gilles Bessero

Brief History

The NSHC was established in The Hague, The Netherlands on 10 January 1962, at the initiative of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The first meeting was chaired by The Netherlands. Later France, Belgium, Iceland and, more recently, Ireland joined the Commission. The Commission´s first activities included agreeing on the publication of fisheries charts and the need for surveys outside territorial waters.


Liaison with IHO

The worldwide system of Regional Hydrographic Commissions (RHCs) coordinates hydrographic activity and cooperation at the regional level. The RHCs are made up of IHO Member States together with other regional States that wish to participate. RHCs work in close harmony with the IHO to help further its ideals and program. RHCs meet at regular intervals to discuss such things as mutual hydrographic and chart production problems, plan joint survey operations, and resolve schemes for medium and large scale International Chart coverage in their regions.