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As a Public Authority, the UKHO makes relevant data sets available in compliance with the ‘Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe’ (INSPIRE) initiative. enter the website here:

6th Meeting of the NSHC Re-survey Working Group

Minutes Rostock, 10-11 November 2016 Participants: Mrs. Virginie Debuck (BEHO) Mr. Bernd Vahrenkamp (BSH) Mr. Jesper Vedel and Mr. Lars Hensen (DKHO) Mr. Eric Langois (SHOM) Mr. Leendert Dorst (chairman) and LT Raymon van de Veen (minutes) (NLHO) Mr. Simon … read more

Harmonisation of the resurvey schemes

latest update: NLHO shows the update of their re-survey scheme at the 5th WG meeting 2015 in Plymouth. The aim is to have the entire EEZ of the Netherlands seafloor fully covered. The yearly prognosed number of survey days were … read more

North Sea Bathymetric Database

latest Update: to realise a basic full coverage for the North Sea, the gaps in the model were filled with gridded information from the MS, provided for European Networks. Future releases will replace this parts with latest high-resolution bathymetric information. … read more

Dover Strait Survey Strategy Agreement

Annex B to report to NSHC32 of the Resurvey Working Group “The future of the Dover Strait Survey Strategy Agreement”   In its meeting in Amsterdam in 2014, NSHC released Conclusion 111: “The Dover Strait Survey Strategy WG (DSSS WG) … read more

Common risk-assessment framework for the North Sea

Paper for the 5th meeting of the NSHC Resurvey Working Group, Plymouth, UK, 18 September 2015 Steps towards a common risk assessment framework for the North Sea Leendert Dorst, NL, 19 August 2015   In its meeting in Amsterdam in … read more